Fewer people hire top lawyers when it comes to their immigration issues simply because they think it’s not needed. However, when you are facing immigration issues, you might need those who know this area of the law well in order to get a judgement in your favour. What you have to remember is that each country has their own immigration rules and laws and while you might think the country you wish to migrate to will have the same immigration laws as your former country, think again. If you hire an immigration lawyer, will they be able to change the outcome of your status?

Help When You Need It

In all honesty, having a lawyer who can advise you on what course of action are best for your immigration case would be certainly an advantage to you. Remember, they know this area of law so they know what chances you have of having your immigration application accepted or rejected. The time in which it takes for a decision to be made can still take just as long as when you don’t have a lawyer. What you need to understand is that immigration lawyers can help you when you don’t have a status in another country and want to process your application. Its help when you need it and it can certainly prove very useful indeed.

Outcomes and Appeals

A lawyer cannot physically change the mind of the government or border agency if they initially say you aren’t eligible for stay in the country. Lawyers can present a case and to help you show cause as to why you should be granted permanent stay, however, they aren’t always able to change the outcome of your status. It might be possible though to have top lawyers launch an appeal against the outcome of your case. If your case is rejected and you are told you won’t be granted entry into the country, you could always say to your lawyer to appeal the decision. It is possible for them to then try and change the overall outcome but in most cases, the lawyers can only file appeal. More explained here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-hire-best-immigration-lawyer-your-case-here-some-tips-nachman/

What If The Appeal Fails?

In truth, there are going to be times when no matter how much you try, the country you wish to gain entry into will reject your attempts. It could be they feel you aren’t going to be a useful member of society for their country; or because you haven’t gotten any lined up. A lot of countries are very strict on migration so you have to ensure you have your case in good order so that you stand the best chance of succeeding. However, immigration lawyers can help you present this to the border agency. It might also be very useful to get help from a lawyer who understands more about immigration laws than you.

Waiting for the Outcome

It is not always possible to change the outcome of your immigration status even when you have a good lawyer working for you. Yes, they can assist you in many ways but there are just times when the minds of those in charge will not be changed. Sometimes you have to accept the decision and move on. Having top lawyers on your side can help but it might not mean you get the outcome you want.